Portrait Handmade Custom Painting On Canvas For Home And offices

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Estimated delivery dates: Jun 25, 2024 – Jun 30, 2024

Elevate your space with unique abstract handmade custom paintings on canvas, perfect for both home and offices. Each piece is carefully crafted to add a touch of creativity and individuality to your surroundings. Transform your walls into vibrant and inspiring showcases with our bespoke artworks tailored to your preferences.

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Step into our Kriva Art House, a place where unique art is crafted just for you. Our custom paintings are created by talented artists who are excited to bring your ideas to life. Design and choose colors for your painting that match and complement the style of your home’s interior

Some Important Points

1. Art Created Together:

We love working with you! Our artists are here to help turn your thoughts into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. From the first idea to the final touches, we make sure it’s a fun and personal journey.

2. Many Art Styles to Choose From:

Explore different styles of art in our shop. Whether you like portraits, landscapes, or cool abstract designs, there’s something for everyone.

3. Your Ideas, Your Art:

Each brushstroke is like a piece of your imagination. Our artists make sure that your painting shows off your personality, making it special and like no other.

4. Exclusive Art on Website:

Our Kriva Art House is like a treasure chest of unique paintings. Every piece is made just for you and those who appreciate having something special.

5. Perfect Gifts for Special Moments:

Thinking of a special gift? Our custom paintings are thoughtful and unique, perfect for celebrating those special moments with your loved ones.

6. Easy Shopping Experience:

Shopping with us is a breeze! Explore different sizes, styles, and ways to make your art fit perfectly in your space. Our Etsy shop is designed to make your art journey simple and enjoyable.

7. Talk to Us from Home:

You don’t need to leave your home to be a part of the creative process. Talk to our artists online, share your ideas, and see your vision turn into artโ€”all from the comfort of your home.

8. We Promise You’ll Love It:

Your happiness matters to us. We promise that the art you receive will meet or beat your expectations. Shop with confidence, knowing you’re getting something truly special.


Ready for an art adventure? Check out our Kriva Art House website and discover paintings that are as unique as you are. From cool portraits to beautiful landscapes, our custom art will make your space stand out. Choose something specialโ€”explore our Etsy shop today!


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Maintenance of the artwork

Proper Care.

Preserve your artwork’s allure by shielding it from sunlight, extreme temperatures, and humidity. Regular cleaning and dusting maintain its vibrancy. Use acid-free materials and UV-protective glass for longevity when displaying. Handle with clean hands to prevent smudges. Store art in a controlled environment and consider professional varnishing for added protection.